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About School


I.Huang Yuanshui (Dean)

Be responsible for the overall management of the college,specifically including development planning, discipline construction, personnel management, financial affairs, international exchange & cooperation, laboratory construction, and liaison with Department of Tourist Management and Tourist Experimental Teaching Center

II.Wu Chun’an (Secretary of Party Committee)

Be responsible for the college Party committee,specifically including the relation between the Party and the masses, students, retirement, confidentiality, security and stability, information statistics, alumni, sports, labor union, and liaison with Youth League Committee and Labor Union

III.Chen Jinhua (Deputy Dean)

Be responsible for teaching jobs,specifically including teaching (including internship), enrollment, and liaison with Human Geography & Town and Country Planning Department, Exhibition Economy and Management Department

IV.Xie Chaowu (Deputy Dean)

Be responsible for scientific research, and assisting Dean in discipline construction,specifically including scientific research, research institutes, graduate education, development outwards, offices and daily administration, and liaison with Hotel Management Department, MTA Education Center, and administration offices

V.Ye Xincai (Assistant to Dean)

Be responsible for assisting leaders of the college in scientific research

VI.Chen Qiuping

Be responsible for assisting leaders of the college in teaching

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