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Department of Tourism Management

Founded in 1984, Department of Tourism Management has acomplete personnel training systemof Bachelor-Master-Doctorate programs. Andthe B.S. in Tourism Management is thenational authorized specialty. The department has 14 faculties, including 2 professors, 6 associate professors, and 6lecturers.

Thepresent director is Associate Prof. Ye Xincai, Vice Director is Associate Prof. Zou Yongguang.

Department ofHuman Geography and Urban and Rural Planning

Founded in 2004,Department of Human Geography and Urban and Rural Planningprovide a bachelor program ofHuman Geography and Urban and Rural Planning. The department has 12 faculties, including 3 professors, 3 associate professors, and 6lecturers.

Thepresent director is Prof. Li Hongbo, Vice Director is Dr. Wang Fang.

Department of Hotel Management

Founded in 2011,Department ofHotel Management is the Fujian Provincialauthorized specialty. It currently has 12 faculties, including 4 professors, 6 associate professors, and 2lecturers.

Thepresent director is Prof. Chen Xueqiong, Vice Director is Associate Prof. Chen Qiuping.

Department ofEvent Management

Department ofEvent Managementwasset up in 2013 and enrolled the first undergraduate students in 2014. As a newly arisen and characteristic major, event management major accords with the development trend of times actively. There are seven professional teachers in event management department, including one professor, three associate professors and three lecturers. Many of them are “double-qualified teacher”. TheDirectorisAssociateProf. Zhang Hui, and the Vice Director is Dr. Sun Panpan.

MTA Education Center

Master of Tourism Administration(MTA) isa professional master degree for training qualified highertourismpersonnel, which was formally approved byChinese Ministry of Educationin 2010.Huaqiao University is one of the first 56 qualified universitiesfor the MTA admissionswith an evaluation of A Level.Relying on the discipline advantage and facultyof College of Tourism, Huaqiao University, MTA Education Center was set up to cultivate high-level, inter-disciplinarytourismmanagement eliteswithinternational focusandstrategic mindset,skilled with leadership andexecute. The present Director of MTA Education Center is Prof. Xie Chaowu, Vice Directors are Associate Prof. Wang Xinjian, Dr. Wu Geng’an, Dr. Shi Yalan. A new TEDP(The Tourism Executive Development Programs)is also open for application.

Tourism Experimental Center

Founded in 2002, Tourism Experimental Center is one of the top tourism experimental centers in China. It was approved as“NationalExperimentalTeaching DemonstrationCenter”in 2012, "National VirtualSimulationExperimental TeachingCenter” in2016. The Center has 5 faculties, including 2 doctors,3 masters. The present Director is Prof. Wang Jingqiang, the Vice Director is Mr. Liu Jianhua.

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