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National Tourism Experiment Center

Combining the characteristics of Huaqiao University, we have been actively and steadily carrying out the exploration and practice of the comprehensive reform for nurturing excellent tourism management talents, focusing on building practical teaching platforms, highlighting the practice part of tourism, strictly regulating teaching management, and improving the monitoring of teaching quality. In terms of the practical teaching platform, practical teaching mode, school-enterprise collaboration, faculty development, designing major-specific textbooks, educational reform, and tourism personnel training, we have made outstanding achievements, creating the mode of "complementation of virtuality and reality, mutual support between scientific research and education, and industry-education integration" for the cultivation of outstanding tourism management talents.

(1) Top-level Planning: To Set a Talent Training Goal That Meets the Demand of High-Quality Tourism Development

Target Abilities: Professional ability, practical ability, and innovation ability — the three major abilities outlined by the Center for cultivating outstanding tourism management talents with a focus on the needs of the tourist industry under the guidance of an experimental teaching committee composed of industry tutors, domestic experts, and on-campus teachers.





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Cultivation of Outstanding Tourism Management Talents

Figure 1 Tourism Management Talents Training System of Huaqiao University

Content System: The training of tourism management talents is mainly conducted through industry recognition, on-campus experiment, themed series of experimental training, production internship, etc., and actively participation in competitions regarding tourism skills, innovation and entrepreneurship, and the national tourism industry. The teaching content is divided into four major modules, namely the module of general knowledge of tourism, which is the basis of tourism teaching and designed mainly to equip the students with the general skills and knowledge for entering the tourism industry; the module of professional basics of tourism, which belongs to the enhancement stage of tourism experimental teaching and is designed mainly to cultivate in the students the basic practical skills and problem analysis ability required for the operation and development of technology-supported tourism companies; the experimentmodule of the tourism major, which belongs to the advanced stage of tourism experimental teaching and is designed mainly for the tourism planning and design experiment, practical training of tourism service operation, and experimental teaching of smart tourism operation, with the laboratory construction closely integrated with the industry and the development of enterprises, involving the main forms of the current tourism industry, and drawing on classic experimental projects to ensure that the experimental content is forward-looking; and the module of tourism innovation and entrepreneurship, which belongs to the deepening stage of tourism experimental teaching and is designed mainly to upgrade the students' innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities and to establish, on the basis of the Tourism Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, a comprehensive cross-disciplinary training base that integrates the majors of economics and management as well as a cross-cultural quality education base that integrates domestic and overseas resources.

(2) Complementing Virtuality with Reality: To Build Two Practical Teaching Platforms to Enhance The Students' Professional Practical Ability

Experimental teaching is carried out in the tourism disciplines in a way that combines production, education and research, with the university going deep into the companies to understand their needs while the companies coming to campus to tap into the reserved talents. Relying on the school-enterprise collaboration mechanism, we will jointly build laboratories, practice bases, and internship bases, and carry out varied multi-level cooperation to optimize the talent cultivation environment.

To Build a National Experimental Teaching Center of Tourism Featuring "Coordination of Scientific Research and Education". We have been actively promoting the back-feeding of teaching to combine scientific research activities and practical teaching together by building school-enterprise cooperation laboratories in cooperation with Beijing Fistar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chenniao Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Quanzhou Yeohwa Hotel.

To Build a National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center of Tourism. With virtual simulation technology, we have transformed large-scale or comprehensive practical training resources of tourism that involve high risks or extreme environment, inaccessible or irreversible operation, high cost, and high consumption into virtual simulation teaching resources.




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Figure 4 Tourism Virtual Simulation Experimental Process

To Establish Multiple Off-campus Practice Bases for College Students Majored in Tourism. We have actively integrated resources of off-campus tourism practice bases, and have successively cooperated with Seaview Resort Xiamen, the Gulangyu Scenic Spot, Xiamen International Seaside Hotel and other enterprises to carry out cognition practice regarding hotels, scenic spots, conferences and exhibitions; Quanzhou Yeohwa Hotel, Quanzhou Hotel, and Quanzhou Licheng Hotel to organize 22school-level and two provincial-level tourism skills competitions; the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Resort to conduct practical training projects such as tourism resource survey, scenic spot management and guide service; and Quanzhou Yeohwa Hotel to co-establish a practical teaching base, which won the title of "Fujian University Students Off-campus Practice Base" .

(3) Interaction between Scientific Research and Education: To Build three Paths for the Cultivation of Featured Tourism Talents with a Solid Theoretical Foundation

To Introduce Characteristic Scientific Research Results to Feed Back Teaching and Lay a Solid Theoretical Foundation for Cultivating Outstanding Tourism Talents. In line with the basic principle of “Giving Full Play to Advantages and Highlighting Features”, we have promoted the coordination of scientific research and teaching to cultivate the students’ scientific research and innovation capabilities. While developing the students, the teachers have obtained more teaching research and scientific research results, benefiting like the students do from the process of promoting the coordination of scientific research and education. At the same time, the College of Tourism has been actively bringing the achievements of scientific research into the classroom by introducing a large number of scientific research results into classroom teaching to enable the students to learn analysis methods through examples.

To Establish a Neurosciences Tourism Laboratory, Taking the Lead in Building the Neurosciences Tourism Experimental Platform. To cultivate the cross-disciplinary capabilities of outstanding tourism management talents, we have introduced the cutting-edge user experience research equipment that integrates multiple disciplines, such as EEG acquisition systems, polygraphs, and wearable eye tracking systems used in the practice part of the basic tourism research and teaching. We have also comprehensively integrated campus resources, actively developed cross-curricular courses in tourism management and cognitive neurosciences, regularly convening seminars on tourism experimentation, worked with enterprises in various fields, and conducted close academic cooperation and exchanges with the School of Management and Engineering of Zhejiang University and the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and cooperated with Beijing Fistar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Mindangel Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Chenniao Information Technology Co., Ltd. to build cooperation laboratories for the cultivation of outstanding management talents.

To Develop Tourism Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training to Improve the Comprehensive Education for Cultivating Innovative and Entrepreneurial Tourism Talents. The College of Tourism, taking full advantage of the campus culture featuring overseas Chinese, disciplinary integration and regional innovation and entrepreneurship resources, has formed a comprehensive innovation and entrepreneurship education system covering enlightenment, training, competition, exchange, incubation and practice, effectively promoting the deep integration of teaching and scientific research, learning and practice, and innovation and entrepreneurship, which has stimulated the vitality and potential of students, and has played a positive role in further leveraging our advantages, focusing on resources, and stimulating vitality to cultivate high-caliber innovative and entrepreneurial talents for the tourism industry. It has obtained 152 national college students' innovation and entrepreneurship training programs and 12 entrepreneurial

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